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Featured Artists
Among the artists making use of this new way of DIYS - 'booking each other' - deal are upcoming talents as well as established performers.
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Take it from us, and
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GSMComing up
Kortrijk, Belgium
April 10,

The next GigSwap Motel series will take place in Kortrijk, Belgium! We have three CS bands for you: 'Trike',
'Cloaks and Feathers' and 'Skiff'.
Read more on the program and sign up for the event through CS -
just click

If you are not a member yet, this night is also open to the general public, as always, and a great introduction to the world of CouchSurfing. The venue is JH 'De Slekke'. Click here to check out their website.

CS Midsummer
weekend 2010

Utrecht, the Netherlands - We have had such a sweet line up for this weekend in 2008 and 2009 was also a big hit. Now p
reperations for 2010 have begun!
Sign up for the 2010 meeting

Concepts and promotional support
The GigSwap Motel & more
The GigSwap Motel is a concept we fabricated, say 'crafted', which embodies a little bit of everthing what is about: travel, open cultural encounters, international meetings...And what goes better with that than live music?

The GigSwap Motel is a 'portable concept' by means of a 'road sign' you can paste to any GS live event. The f
irst half of 2009 we hosted 6 'live music parties' in Utrecht, The Netherlands, at the Kargadoor cultural centre, working together with the lo_friday music organisation. A great example of how things may unfold and work for you aswell.

Under friendly conditions we can share this and other concepts. As a member of the community, send us a message and should we agree on terms, you get permission to use this concept.
The GigSwap Motel just one of the sub concepts developed  to make the idea even more attractive and visable, and appeal to a wider audience.

Poster templates and promotional support
We have poster templates for you to use, and also can help giving advice on how to 'set things up'. A lot of the things you will face organising your own night at some venue are exactly what we are experienced in by now. So, get in touch and we can be our guide! is about
Global Gig Exchange
This site helps you, as a musician, (stage) artists, venue or promotor, to connect internationaly and exchange concerts, find a bunk, organise or join an event, a even set up tour projects together. We work
through a group on, just
join the GigSwapping Group.

Community update

GigSwap goes 2.0! now present on Wikipedia, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Youtube, LastFM and LinkedIn.
In line with current developments in 'Social Media', we are branching out into these domains, to be able to help you connect through your various on line activities. The linked Buttons left and right get you directly to the various profiles of

Little birdies, on your doorstep!
Do we Twitter by now? Yea, sure we do! So keep yourselves posted through our tweets, and subscribe here!

Read about best practices and how things work on our new wiki page through the
'The Short Guide to GigSwapping'.

MySpace is YourSpace
Our very own Myspace page is:

'Sharing èverything in your life?'
Well, all in good taste, but we're present on the FaceBook now.
Both as a group and as organisation. So Get involved or become a fan,
click here for that or, click here to become a member of the group.