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Take it from us, and
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of independent artists on GigSwapping.
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The artists involved in this project form the start, as well as those who are joining us with new and future events are off course eligable for some special attention. In future we will place interviews here, for now we have just made a small start of the future 'hall of fame'.

TRIKE, a band

For the present I'll present an act that has my  full attention, because they are very productive, ultimately creative and an inspiration to us all. They will play in Kortrijk, with Feathers and Cloaks, and Skiff.
Their music can be found if you click here for their MySpace.

And hey, here's their clip already for you to enjoy! is about
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This site helps you, as a musician, (stage) artists, venue or promotor, to connect internationaly and exchange concerts, find a bunk, organise or join an event, a even set up tour projects together. We work
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