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Featured Artists
Among the artists making use of this new way of DIYS - 'booking each other' - deal are upcoming talents as well as established performers.
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Notable events & more...
Here's a little history on the project, some notable events and media response and comment of particpants...

Alternative concept
The SongSwap sessions
One concept we worked from were 'SongSwap' sessions. Basicaly, three or more in
ternational songwriters play their own songs, plus a 'cover' of one another. But any other type of act is welcome too! Kick off of this concept was organised for friday february 13, 2009. Click here for more information.

City Swaps
Frankfurt & Amsterdam
David Stray Ney
, Channah and Skiff played in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, travelling together was great fun. David is an amazing driver, even with out a speedlimit on the German autobahn, and we made it safely from Amsterdam to Frankfurt and back! Though we found ourselves doublebooked in Amsterdam, still, David got to play there! In Frankfurt we each got to play a fair set which turned out great.

We even 
played twice each, which made up for Amsterdam! ;o) It turned out as a well matched combination of personal styles of music which gave all attending a very good vibe to take home...
by the way has some 4 new tracks on line for you to enjoy, so go check them out on her website.

November 29, 2008
Rotterdam Rock Exchange

First things first though, still in 2008 there will be a final GigSwap show in Rotterdam november 29. A group op CS GigSwapping musicians will be performing a 100% interest free set of rock, soul and other covers at the annual Sinterklaasfeest!  Venue will be 'Zaal De Unie', and it will be a big party, with at at least 200 people expected!

Mostly after that we will be taking it slow... do more of next years planning, site maintainance and backups, and picking up on communications. Like sending christmas cards!  So for now there will
be no additional shows after the 29th of november, at least not centraly organised ones. However!

GigSwap Showcase
DANCE VALLEY festival 2008
Amsterdam, juli 12 2008

We performed on a big fat stage on a huge one day festvial where over 50.000 visitors

We jumped to this unique chance to showcase
6 CouchSurfing GigSwapping acts at this high profile event just outside the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

We were a bit 'off topic' so to speak, as we brought song and roots to this house and techno fest, still we did not go unnoticed, as the photo's and filmmaterial shot of this event will show...

We were exemplary international, we were Rome meets Amsterdam, Prague meets the USA, Belgium meets Maleysia and some other mad experiments...  

Our crew
Nathalie  Giannitrapanianother extremely talented singer songwriter accompanied herself on guitar, as the piano didn't make it to the main stage... Which was made up for the next day, where she performed in Utrecht at a small festival on a piano, even her own model! Nathalie has proven to be an exquisitely talented singer and we are excited to have her on board! 
Swinc.'s unique 30's and 40's Gypsy Jazz and standards repertoir got everybody' juices flowing and feet moving; both with their steady singer Mariange aswell as accompanying the living legend Shai Shahar, who made the sun come out with his beautiful, soothening and warm voice and great stage presence.
The Tower of Dudes are a notorious acordean driven cowpunk band, acting out a Czech' variation of unleashed Cajun Tex Mex Polka. They were mostly appriciated as a refreshing diversion for all the electronica driven techno stuff. 
Saer Ze, the queen of electroglam and selfproclaimed 'dirty disco doll', gave a great show, complete with the Faya dancers, and made a two pack deal with Belgian notorious MC Dusaar.
Finaly, last but not least
Matthew´s Workshop, also from the Czeska Republica, pumped up some unexpected funky rap and roll form underneath the amsterdam hills!
On this event we worked closely with Cindy Pielstroom, who's organisation 'Connecting People' has brought together a great company of artists, and was so completely enthousiastic about our CS GigSwapping program whe she heard of it, she just had to have us!

Finaly the Dance Valley website is here:

Great exposure
Ou presence on the festival gave our project some more established profile and appeal...  It's already given us a great appeal from national radio twice, we were named and praised in two breakfast shows by two reknowned personalities in Dutch radio, Giel Beelen and Ruud de Wild. Thanks guys!

Amsterdam goes GigSwapping!
Amsterdam, may 25, 2008
That weekend we played Amsterdam, a gigswap organised by Channah van't Riet, working together with the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild, A.S.G.,
at the Winston Kingdom. Channah let us in to have a showcase, featuring from our GigSwapping group, most notoriously: Carmela Pedicini (US), Ruben Poncia, Channah van 't Riet and Skiff. From the A.S.G., Robin Block, Ro Halfhide and The Secret Love Parade appeared on stage.

1st Gigswap Relay Tour

Watch the report on Czech Television!

Check it out on our Videopage.

First US event
Radio Free Carmela (US) &
The Layers (UK)
at the CS NY CouchCrash festival!

Two of our most esteemed group members, Radio Free Carmela & the Transmitters from the US and 'The Layers' from the UK have performed @ the CS CouchCrash festival in New York. Check out the link above for details. They have promoted the GigSwap cause across the ocean and we are very gratefull!!! 

Special report
Utrecht MidSummerNight Weekend

Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The Midsummer weekend program in Utrecht, Home of the Gigswap was a huge succes. With over a hundred visitors and of course several Utrecht CS GigSwap musicians playing the night away, for hours on end... It was such a big hit we are already working on a follow up!

We gathered in the city of Utrecht, blessed with beautifull  wheather on a perfectly suitable hill in the Utrecht 'Griftpark'. There was an entire program for the weekend, starting with a great beertasting of some great Utrecht local beers on friday evening in the 'Thisty Heart'.

Saturday afternoon the program was continued by a 'medieval city treasurehunt' on saturday daytime, some people even carried actual couches from town to the park as 'treasure', which was appreciated mucho and of course gave them the grand prize!

 variety of workshops was than enjoyed in the park after which we shared a great dinner in the park, made with tons of love by our much applauded kitchen crew.

As an appetizer for dinner we had live music by Skiff and the Utrecht pride Andy's Diary, who are Anna and Wendy, which treated us with a beautiful set of their latest and greatest songs.

After dinner we had a beautifull poy fire and lights show on the hill by dusk and enjoyed some great live music, lit by cadles and  torchlight, totaly unplugged, like we promised, and u know what? Six accoustic guitars, blues, jazz, gypsy and spanish music, djembé´s and the occasional digeridoo on a hill will give you the thrill and all the volts needed...

So we have been together witnessing the midsummer sundown while enjoying nice wine and the continuous cool live music, good company. Some of us (O, had they not!) headed for a club to watch the soccer match the Dutch totaly lost from the Russians.

The decepted and broken hearted were generously accepted back in the circle, comforted and mended, when they came back to our hill. A hill we held all through the night - soothing a growing crowd of drfiting and lost characters in Orange outfits in mourning, seeking oblivion. Some of them even jumped into the pond, to wash off the memory...
We concluded this weekend with a sunday 'afterparty' cooldown brunch wth some fun and games, the Dutch making it to the semi- finals or not...